Feng Shui Tips to Clear Clutter in Your Home

With every new season, our homes tend to gather clutter from the different activities we have. By the time summer is coming to an end, damp-smelling beach apparel, drifts of sand and straw sun hats choke our interiors while in the garden, withered blooms and rusting barbecues call for attention. But as liberating as a clean and clear environment may be, it is the different opportunities available that excite Sue Holmes of firehorse.uk.com, a feng shui consultant.

What is Feng Shui?

Feng shui is an art and is the process of creating perfect harmony in living spaces. According to Sue, Feng Shui has a traditional Chinese perspective and is all about bringing a yin and yang balance to create the perfect equilibrium between areas of light and dark, movement and stillness, and hard and soft.

Home Comforts

According to Holmes, seasonal sort outs should extend beyond the small irritations to considering the more significant issues at play. She explains that everything in a room affects the energy in the room. For instance, a big and cumbersome electric fan may be an obstacle. However, when it comes to bringing a difference to your living space, such things can sometimes be a red herring. However, she suggests that it is the factors that affect our flow of qi or chi energy interior door alignments, furniture placement, or the relationship of your home and nearby roads that deserves more attention.   Noise can also affect the negative energy in your home, and maybe by investing in triple glazing, it will help noise reduction.  Thus giving you a sense of peace and calm.  According to Sue, a lot of people have heard that plants with spikes give off negative energy or sha chi or that you should always keep your toilet lid down. However, these are some of the most unlikely things to put a lot of consideration in a house when it comes to feng shui.

To her, improving our environments feng shui to create a harmonious and comfy feel is more simple than you may think. For instance, consider the position of your bed in your bedroom most of us would never arrange things so that our heads point to the centre of the room; we just cant do it. Almost all of us have our heads against a solid wall. Putting your bed between the window and door also is less than ideal as chi flow across your bed is not conducive for rest. It is all about creating and finding the perfect harmony, connection, balance and beauty to the subtle energies of a space to bring it to life.

The five classical elements of the Chinese culture water, fire, earth, metal and wood also need to be well balanced. Feng shui specialists like Sue believe that sprucing up these energies at specific yet significant locations could bring a positive change to your prospects of wealth, happiness, and health. However, according to Sue, that doesnt mean taking things literally. Water energy signifies flowing; earth energy is nurturing; wood energy implies a sense of growth. It is all about bringing out the potential of your home to make the most of what you have and down-playing negative points.

Addressing particular concerns or intentions with feng shui will require the assistance of a professional. However, while some feng shui styles like flying stars give a detailed guide on how to arrange a living space, most consultants believe that a more practical approach is as powerful feng shui is a holistic approach to home environments that integrate ecological awareness and mindfulness to create spaces that support and nourish inhabitants. The outcome is a sequence of practical suggestion stone sculptures or large stones to earth an occupant's self-centeredness; fiery red linen and beddings to stimulate some passion in your bedroom; a mirror or fish tank to promote connectedness with others.

According to Sue, we should all reviewing our homes to see if they support us or not. As a professional and holistic interior architect, Sue deals with a lot of people who are thinking of integrating eco-friendly designs and feng shui into their businesses and homes but want to wait until they have space, or until theyve moved, or until they can find time to do so. While there are appropriate times to redecorate or renovate, what a lot of people do not know is that you can incorporate green living and feng shui principles at any time. It is about more than moving some furniture around it is about completely shifting your environment energetically and physically to improve and support your life.