Great Ideas For Planning a Truly Memorable Christmas Party

Following months of relentless deadlines, several near-calamities and lots of stress, office parties represent a great opportunity for an office team to indulge in some much-needed merriment. So that these types of events do not dissolve into the same tired routines of the past, it is best to begin the planning process as early as possible. Make sure to get your team members involved, show some creativity and review the ideas below to make sure your event is something nobody will ever forget.

Careful Selection of a Theme

In terms of picking a theme for your event, the sky is the limit in terms of creativity. Lots of people are interested in television-inspired parties, such as those based on Peaky Blinders and similar programs. You could also go for something more generalised, such as a winter wonderland theme.

Add a Bit of Gaming Fun

Given that most everyone has a bit of a technology addiction these days, why not incorporate mobile phones and tablets into the fun? You can use social media to form the basis of fun competitions, see who can get the most traction for party-related hashtags and the like. This can serve as a great team building exercise in addition to adding some excitement to your event. Using basic apps, it is possible to help your attendees get involved with holiday quizzes, treasure hunts and other jolly activities such as Bonzini foosball tables.

Recreate the Fun of Christmas Markets

The popularity of traditional Christmas markets across Europe is undeniable. Folks are known for scrambling to secure last-minute reservations so that they can take in all of the sights and sounds. Since not every employee will have the time or disposable income to make this type of trip, perhaps you could recreate the atmosphere for your office party. Your own facility or an offsite venue makes for a perfect stage for this kind of event.

Reward and Express Gratitude

Christmas parties ought to be something more significant than a place to engage in office pranks or poorly-conceived romantic overtures influenced by too much alcohol. Instead, use yours as a chance to let your staff know how much you appreciate their hard work throughout the year and to give meaningful rewards. Being acknowledged in front of the entire staff is a great morale booster for everyone working in your organisation. In addition, such a celebration only adds to the festive feelings at this time of year.

Venue Selection is Key

Take the time to choose a venue that really makes a statement. Something unexpected or out of the ordinary can be a perfect choice. Museums, historic buildings or other such spots can transform a standard Christmas party into something truly magical. The key is to assess your budget, do some research and find something that will impress your team.

Make the Fun Last Longer

There is no hard and fast rule requiring Christmas parties to take place at night. If you wish to make the party last a bit longer but also want to prevent excessive drinking during the event, think about having an afternoon element in advance of the more traditional party. There are numerous options for seeing a show or a holiday-themed concert at this time of the year, so do some legwork and find something that suits. Because it could be hard to find something that will appeal to everyone on your staff, it makes sense to come up with a handful of options and allow employees to select what they want. You could offer spa experiences, concert tickets, driving adventures or really anything that fits with your company culture and staff interests.

In the end, throwing an office Christmas party need not be a dreaded chore, but rather a terrific outlet for creativity and enthusiasm.