How To Add Speed To Your Regular Golf

Who says golf is a game of patience? With a little modification you can make it fast and furious. No, you don’t need to leave the expansive golf courses of Tampa in Florida. You just need to make a few small adjustments to the age-old rules.

Welcome to speed golf.

Born in sunny California in 1979, the game imbibes some of the lively spirit of the state. And it seems that its creator, the American runner Steve Scott, had exactly that in mind when he mixed the essential elements of golfing and running together. There is little wonder that this ‘tweaked’ golf is also known as extreme golf, fast, golf, fitness golf, and hit and run golf. While the last name sounds almost ominous, the names themselves will give you some idea about what to expect out of the game.


The basic rules of speed golf are not very different but there are quite obviously some differences. Remember, in this game you are trying to play a full round in the lowest possible sum of strokes and time.

Equipment: You are not allowed to carry more than seven clubs while playing this game. As far as the caddies and the cart are concerned, no club transportation is permitted (Oops!) You need to carry your own sporting devices in hand or in a bag. Golfing shoes are not mandatory because you need to run after every shot; so you can put on the running shoes without the metal spikes. You can use GPS devices when speed golfing, but you are not allowed to gather any information regarding wind speed or elevation change. The golfers are expected to rake bunkers, repair the marks of the ball and replace the divots.

Game: While playing, if the ball hits the flagstick, there will be no penalty. However, the ball must touch the base of the hole in order to score a point. If the ball goes out of bounds or is lost after a shot, the player gets penalty of one stroke in one of the three following ways:

  • Replay the shot
  • Place another ball along the line of flight of the previous ball. However, it should not be nearer the hole. from where it has disappeared
  • Drop the ball within two club lengths of where you think the ball has come to rest. This too should not be nearer the hole

If the ball is in an unplayable position, the player earns a penalty of one stroke that can be played in any of the above three ways. However, if the ball comes to rest in a water hazard, this rule is not applicable.


The score is calculated by adding the total number of strokes taken and the total number of minutes required to complete the 18 holes. For example, if the golfer scored 75 and the running time is 55, then the Speed Golf Score is 130. In case there is a tie between two players, the seconds are recorded to select the qualifier. The time for one round is measured from the moment the golfer hits the ball and it strikes the bottom of the cup on their last hole.

Fitness and time saving are the two benefits of speed golf. If you are planning to play this sport in Any of the Popular Golf Courses in Tampa, Florida or in any other state, make sure it is not crowded. You can head out at the crack of dawn or in the early winter mornings, when the courses are relatively empty. If the weather is excessively hot, avoid playing this game because you will be sweating profusely, which again will hinder your performance.