Tollymore Forest Park Northern Ireland

As a single mom I enjoy spending as much time as I can with my 7 years old beautiful son James. I am so fortunate that he is at that age when he still likes to hang out with his mom and we sure do a lot of things together. He is a lot like me, interested in history, in animals, in particular in finding out all sort of new things. Many times I joke about him as being the “why boy” because every time when he see a new thing he puts a lot of questions that start with why. Why the thing has that color, that form, why it grows over there, and so on. Our last visit was at the Tollymore Forest Parkfrom Northern Ireland. I like to travel with him so that he can see as many places as he can until he decides that is too old to go with his mamma. i can say that this visit was something that we did not expect to turn out to be so good. The Tollymore Forest Parkit is huge, it covers an 1600 acres and the surrounding views are spectacular. It is surrounded about mountains and nearby Castle, about the sea. So you can imagine hoe beautiful in looks. Here there are a lot of bridges, caves, grottos and even a small shelter that in the past was used by females while waiting for their husbands to come back from fishing. Regarding the animals, here are almost 150 Fallow deer, that live here since year 1970, red squirrels brought in 1880, grey squirrels, great spotted woodpeckers that are some very rarely species in Ireland, dippers, kingfishers, pine martens, badgers, otters and also foxes live in the forest. When it comes to trees and flowers, here you can admire trees like ash, willow, beech, Himalayan cedars, yews, Monterey pines, giant redwoods and also algae and ferns.

Visiting Tollymore Forest Parkisnt only about seeing and learning about all what the park has to offer, it can be also about dating in Northern Ireland and about making friendships. Here you can meet a lot of single women or single moms and by engaging different conversations on different subjects you can easily start new friendships. And also single men or single dads and without knowing you might get yourself a date. And you can do two things in the same time. You can walk your son to see all the beauties from the park and in the same time you take a romantic walk with your date. What can be more beautiful than that?