Why Weight of The Golf Shaft Matters

Do you want to hit your golf ball straight to a long distance? Of course you do! So what do you need? Yes, a very strong shoulder is vital, but other than that you will also need a golf stick with the right weight. While watching the championships at the Texas City golf course on television, you may have heard the commentators say, ‘If distance matters, weight matters’ or ‘Lighter is longer’. If you are wondering the reason behind such thoughts, then this blog is especially for you.

How Important is the Weight of a Shaft?

The weight of a shaft is the main factor that determines the total weight of the club. It is also a decisive factor in determining if you can swing the ball to a desired distance. If you want the ball to spin and roll to a certain distance, it is important to think about the club you are using. The stiffness, torque and kick point are significant features of the shaft, but the weight is equally important. Even the flexibility of the shaft depends on its weight. For instance, if you are using a heavier shaft the flex will be stiffer, so the torque will be low but the kick-points will be high.

It is important to maintain the length and the swing weight with every gram that is taken away from the shaft. For instance, for every 10 grams that you take off, a golfer would enjoy of about a mile an hour in swing speed, provided the shaft length and swing weight is maintained.

What is the impact of Lighter Shaft?

Even the swing speed depends on the weight of the golf club. If you want to go for a higher swing speed, the shaft should be light. However, the strength and tempo of the golfer need to match with the swing weight, otherwise decrease in the total weight of the clubs will lead to higher percentage of off-center hits. This will also reduce the distance covered.

If you are planning to generate much more speed, reducing the total weight of the golf club ‘system’ can work. But, doing that blindly will be a mistake. Therefore, club fitters usually maintain the stiffness or even improve the stiffness of the shaft to give players more speed and better control.

What is the impact of Heavier Shaft?

When lightweight shaft wins popularity due to its high swing speeds covering a large distance, many players still prefer to use heavier shaft. Some believe that the extra weight helps them to feel where the club head is during the swing, which in turn helps them to find more fairways and hit hard. For instance, Tiger Woods stated that he is comfortable using a heavier shaft because the excess weight helps to swing.

Control is a crucial factor in golf, which makes the players decide whether they should go for lighter or heavier shaft. Though the number of golfers using heavy shaft is less because it minimizes the speed, you can still opt for it if you want to improve the accuracy level. You would need this weight then.

It doesn’t matter whether you are playing in a Texas City golf course or one in New York; what does matter is your choice of the golf club.  You need to take a closer look at the shaft weight and appreciate that this is one of the significant elements, which can make or break your performance. So when you are learning or practicing this game of patience try to get the tastes of shafts with different weights. Once you get the feel of it, selecting the right golf shaft will not be hard and you can generate enough speed to maximize your distance.